Friday, 14 July 2017

Tablet of seven or 10 inches - which is best?

If employees scream for tablet PCs, and the company's budget is already under pressure, is it is tempting for the CIO to look at the new low-cost tablets hitting the market at the moment.
This applies especially to Amazon's Kindle Fire (and if it doesn’t work it is advisable to call Kindle technical support), which with a price of 199 US dollars (plus   respective customs and tax) cost half of the iPad.

But while Kindle Fire according to the first reviews are a perfectly sensible product considering the price, can a CIO quickly get headaches of trying to implement it in the company.

Missing several core technologies
Among others may be mentioned that the battery life is several hours worse than, for example, the iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, which is not unimportant for business purposes where the whole idea of a tablet is that employees must be mobile.

It also means that it can be problematic, it does not have 3G connectivity or a camera - two things that are a must in many work situations.

Amazon's Silk browser can also pose a challenge. It provides faster load times when surfing because it utilizes the company's cloud-computing power. But this feature has some expressed concern because it raises privacy questions that Amazon has fingers in everything you do.

Amazon, however, even stated that it is possible that this acceleration feature can be disabled.

Tight integration and hard to adapt
eWEEK that has fingers in Kindle Fire, has suggested that the very tight integration with Amazon's services can pose a challenge.

Kindle Fire has just eight gigabytes of memory, part of which goes to the operating system, so it is primarily intended that you have to stream music and movies from Amazon's data center.

But how easy is it to access content when, for example sitting in a flight where no network connection is?

EWeek also writes that the Kindle Fire is not easy to adapt to specific needs.

Kindle Fire can indeed be used both for mail and documents - and it is also possible to download additional apps from Amazon's own app store, such as QuickOffice, but the supply of business apps are not overwhelming, as it is not the regular Android Market, you accesses, but Amazon's own store.

Overall, there is thus a part missing in the Kindle Fire, which makes it - despite the low price - hardly suitable for business use in all companies.
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Is your product really what the market wants?


Do you know an American author named Jerome McCarthy? It is his concept of Marketing Mix, still in the 60's (later super-democratized by Philip Kotler), according to him any entrepreneur with long-range vision should stick to four Ps: Product, Price, Square and Promotion.
Counting on kids, he states that the companies that are most developed in the market are those that go through a process of constant planning. It seems obvious, but the path that leads to this ability to be ever present in the market with its products is a complex art. The premise is valid for large companies and, even more, for SMEs.

Rethink the question that opens this article: Do you even have the right product or service to the public's expectations? Been in doubt? Well, know that to win in the market, you have to join the two ends: consumer and production. For this, it is necessary to test, adapt and adjust your product / service to win consumers. That's because, more than ever before, competition has become gigantic - remember that the market has never been so global as it is now - and new technologies come in every day to further complicate the landscape.

“Keep in mind, then, that the traditional business model typical of the last century, capable of creating products / services on its own initiative and going out on the field just to sell them, is already out of date. Without identifying the needs and demands of the target audience (it must be set before anything else), there is no great chance of success in today's market.” - Paypal customer support

This is where another concept comes in which I like a lot: the four Raimar Richers (Analysis, Adaptation, Activation and Evaluation), which relate more to the marketing of a product than to the production itself. Richers, a business consultant born in Zurich, Switzerland, was one of the founding professors of EAESP / FGV and wrote a key book to understand marketing in Brazil - Marketing: a Brazilian vision, unfortunately out of print.

For him, it is necessary, first of all, to identify the various players and stakeholders and their interactions with the company, through market research and marketing information system.

Then, tailor the lines of products or services to the "environment" identified after analyzing the data collected in the survey. Here Richers delineates design, packaging, brand and price, among other factors that can make a difference when it comes to bringing a product / service out of the company. And it also reflects on the importance of quality after-sales service.
A key point for success is the activation of the product / service, which depends, according to the expert in Paypal technical support, on the selection of channels for distribution, logistics (which includes delivery and storage) and good communication (which takes into account advertising properly Sales promotion, an effective system of public relations and, to a lesser extent, merchandising).

Finally, keep all this under constant evaluation. This is what Richers calls "marketing auditing."
But beware: it's no use knowing what the consumer wants if you are not able to create products / services with clear or exclusive differentials, and therefore, better than those offered by the competition.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Crucial WooCommerce Extensions For Small Business Entrepreneurs

WooCommerce is essential as it can work as much as you want it to do. Its capabilities can be expanding by clicking on just few simple clicks. There are large number of extensions that one can use to establish their new store and to take it on to the next level. Some of those extensions are listed below.

Jetpack: Used to see traffic of the site on dashboard

Jet-pack is the extension which has many benefits to use for. It provides backups to theme customization. This extension has great potential for new Woo Commerce store owners to grow up and establish their website online. It shows the growth of your website through which you will be able to see the traffic stats right on your Word press dashboard.

PayPal Express Checkout: Provides a fastest and safest payment experience

The entrepreneurs selling to the international customers must ensure that you are providing them safe and secured payment options. PayPal is the online payment gateway that is trusted by many at present. Customers find it safe as PayPal customer support assistance helps them protecting their account in every way possible. It doesn’t share the details of their customers with anyone and keep it secret.

Instant Search+: Used to send searching shoppers to the exact place

The built-in search on your store is quite strong, but there is a path that will help the entrepreneurs to make it even stronger. It is an extension that uses the power of gathered recommendations to directly entire search queries. It saves your shoppers time by completing their searches, and serves fast viewing of the products and services you sell.

Google Product Feed: It makes your services easier to find by customers

Most of the customers have the habit of searching the details related to the product on search engine like Google when buying any goods and services. Google Product feed is the extension that helps the entrepreneurs in listing their store products in Google shopping result list. Through this, you will be able to generate more sales as when a customer will research on search engine related to the product he or she is interested in buying then the customer will see the listing right from your store. The extension provides you the full control to display the price, image, description, shopping listing, and more. With the help of this, more and more number of customers will be attracted to your store and this will leads to increase in sales.

These great extensions will help you in growing your new business. Whether you use one extension out of all these provided above, you will see your store succeeding. So, establishing a new business will not only a dream but can now become a reality too.
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Monday, 19 June 2017

PayPal Presenting Offers That Matches Your Daily Needs


Now, one can use PayPal as their payment gateway to shop worldwide with no worries. Yes, this is true with this online payment system as it provides various deals and services with the help of which one will be able to save big. There are millions of international brands that allow the customers to pay through this system. When you order something online it will be delivered to you at your doorstep with complete safety and security. One can not only buy clothing but through this gateway one will be able to buy their high quality fashion items, latest gadgets, and children’s product and more with this gateway. The complete online process is explained in the article below.

Shop for the best worldwide

There are over 10 million online stores that accept the payments made through this gateway. Now there is no need to go anywhere, one will be able to buy the quality products from the top international stores directly from your home. One you choose what you want you buy, then simple just open its app and buy the product confidently.

All the purchases you make are secured

When you make any order using this online payment system then the paypal technical support team keeps an eye round the clock until the order reaches you. If the item doesn’t arrive or if it is not matching with the description then they helps you getting reimburse on all eligible purchases as soon as possible. So, we can say all the purchases you make are safe and secured.

Get refunded on return shipping

Sometimes the situation occurs where the customers change their mind of buying the product then they wants to return it back. Then that procedure is also quite simple. Just ship the item back to the seller and get the refund of US$15 on the refund shipping cost through our refunded return services. The refund money will be credited to your account directly by the company. If you want to know in detail about the return policy then you need to call paypal customer support phone number.

Pay with your preferred card

The company works with large number of banks in United States, India, and overseas. So, it is advised to pay with your preferred bank credit card and debit card and continue earning reward points. You can link as many cards with your account as you want to link.

People enjoy shopping with paypal as it is one of the best online payment system available among others. The company provides its customers satisfactory services due to this reason there are millions and millions of users continuously using the services provided by them. Now, don’t go anywhere just pick your phone up and keep shopping with no worries.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Citrix Helps Amazon E-Readers To Easily Access PCs

Citrix System is one of the most famous American multinational software company that provides the user the facilities like server, networking, cloud computing technologies, etc. The company has also released an app for android devices to easily access the internet on kindle fire by connecting it with Mac or PC over a mobile network. The app was named as GoToMyPC. There are great features of the product available and some of them include a 300% zoom, full keyboard functionality, support for multitasking, it also involves keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Tab. One will also get the authority to lock the keyboard of the device and blank the screen on the computer. The new app requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher versions.

Amazon has released an e-reader for the users who love to read. This device is not only used for reading but also for other purposes too. There are many of the users who access the device using this great system but some of the users are present that even don’t know how to use it. To provide those customers brief knowledge kindle help support service is available. Some of the simple ways are also provided below through which you will be able to easily access PCs and Macs without any difficulty.

This GoToMyPC is available free of charge for iOS and Android users. The iOS users can download it from the App Store whereas the Android users can download it from Google Play without paying any fee. Then one needs to subscribe on the app which will costs from $9.95 per month for one user and one computer. It is one of the great system software to use for. The customers find it interesting as they will be able to easily access the devices on their amazon eBook reader. Time to time, company releases different features so that the users will be able to get satisfactory results without any hassle. There are millions of users who are using its services from a long time and they find it interesting so the kindle tech service providers are trying to serve them better.

One can use the software by downloading it on their device for free but one needs to pay while doing the subscription on the app. The app is especially released by the company for the amazon eBook readers as they find it difficult to access their systems. The company has resolved the problems of many users. People who are new to use these services find it difficult to understand them so it is advised to all those users to have a brief knowledge before starting it. The service providers present online educated you over the call and there is no need to go anywhere. Time has gone where one needs to visit the customer services centre every time they face any difficulty. Enjoy surfing, reading, browsing anywhere and at anytime with this great product.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Step By Step Guide To Surf The Kindle Lending Library

Most of the people out there are not having the budget to own the e-book reader released by amazon to read books online. To read a book on the e-reader, one needs to download that book on their device. So, every user can’t afford to buy each and every book to maintain the collection of their favourite e-books. Due to this reason, the company has released a feature where one will be able to get the books from the kindle lending library at their PC or tablet. Kindle tech support team is providing all the details of how to browse the books from that library. Also, a step by step guide is provided below to surf the eBooks easily on your PC by searching the titles in the lending library.
  • Firstly, visit the browser and type
  • On the home page, at the left side of the search bar, press on the little arrow available next to All, and click on the books.
  • At the other end of the search bar, hit on the Go option.
  • Scroll down the page until you see the Amazon Prime in the left hand side of the toolbar. Hit on the Prime Eligible box.
  • On that web page, in the format area, click on the header marked Kindle Edition.
The steps provided above gives you the detailed information of how to browse and get the eBooks for reading on your PC or tablet. Now, being the prime member of amazon you can check out every single book that is available in the library. There are several options available there from which you will be able to sort the books that are your favourite. So, it’s great opportunity for the readers that they will be able to easily access the prime eligible videos along with the prime eligible books. Amazon is thinking to expand the library so that more features and more mainstream titles will be available that one can add to their wish list.
There are several features available of this e-reader and due to this reason there are millions of people who are using the services of this product. The product is having many other devices too. The two versions of the devices available are E-Ink version and LCD version. But not everyone will be able to fulfill their dream to get this e-reader. The people who love to read and who don’t own this product then they can try out reading books by issuing them from the kindle lending library on your PC and can enjoy eBook reading anytime. With the help of this their money of buying the eBooks will be saved. Also, if you are facing technical problems while getting the books to read then the kindle customer service is the option left with you. One needs to contact the service providers available. They will fix up all your problems and will serve you with satisfactory results. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

First Quarter Financial Results 2017 of PayPal’s Are Out Now

Recently, the financial result of the first quarter has been released by paypal. The organization feels good as it had started the year with a strong quarter. If one is interested in knowing the detailed information about the financial results then they can check it out from the official website of the company and also the company has arranged the paypal customer support service that will give you a detailed info on call. The company makes the management of transfer of money as simple, secure, affordable, and accessible as possible. The company tries to serve the best to their customers and thinks whether their services have maximized the opportunities of the customers or not?

The authority makes large number of efforts that helps their customers in many ways. And this is the reason there are many people available worldwide who enjoy the services provided by them. It has set big goals for their customers that are not easy to achieve. But one main point is that the company is ambitious and always tries to complete their mission in a particular time period that has been set in the starting. For an example, in the starting three months of the year 2017, they have set 6 million new active accounts. It is their highest record in the past three years. There are more than 16 million active users that are using the platform of paypal to achieve their goals and target.

The company started its services from sending and receiving money online from one place to another. But now, it is into different other sectors too. The mobile technology that is most famous now-a-days has increased the large number of customers who are engaged with its platform. As per their records the company has revealed that around 32% of their payment volume came from the mobile device in the quarter. The authority also strives to offer new services to their customers so that they can have the ability to democratize money and will be able to increase the everyday use of paypal platform by their customers.

The different services that are provided by them are one can send money to their friends and relatives easily, receive the payments of your work from the person sitting at different location, pay bills online, can grow up their business using this gateway online, also it provides the customer a facility to shop online from the top international brands available online, etc. As it is considered as one of the best company in terms of their services so it takes care of all the needs of the users who are enrolled with their system. The company is very happy as they have successfully expanded their partnership agreements with the leading corporations like Google, Vodafone in Europe, Wells Fargo, and Visa in the Asia-Pacific region. One will be able to get further updates through paypal customer support phone number. If interested, stay connected and updated with all the latest news.