Tuesday, 2 May 2017

First Quarter Financial Results 2017 of PayPal’s Are Out Now

Recently, the financial result of the first quarter has been released by paypal. The organization feels good as it had started the year with a strong quarter. If one is interested in knowing the detailed information about the financial results then they can check it out from the official website of the company and also the company has arranged the paypal customer support service that will give you a detailed info on call. The company makes the management of transfer of money as simple, secure, affordable, and accessible as possible. The company tries to serve the best to their customers and thinks whether their services have maximized the opportunities of the customers or not?

The authority makes large number of efforts that helps their customers in many ways. And this is the reason there are many people available worldwide who enjoy the services provided by them. It has set big goals for their customers that are not easy to achieve. But one main point is that the company is ambitious and always tries to complete their mission in a particular time period that has been set in the starting. For an example, in the starting three months of the year 2017, they have set 6 million new active accounts. It is their highest record in the past three years. There are more than 16 million active users that are using the platform of paypal to achieve their goals and target.

The company started its services from sending and receiving money online from one place to another. But now, it is into different other sectors too. The mobile technology that is most famous now-a-days has increased the large number of customers who are engaged with its platform. As per their records the company has revealed that around 32% of their payment volume came from the mobile device in the quarter. The authority also strives to offer new services to their customers so that they can have the ability to democratize money and will be able to increase the everyday use of paypal platform by their customers.

The different services that are provided by them are one can send money to their friends and relatives easily, receive the payments of your work from the person sitting at different location, pay bills online, can grow up their business using this gateway online, also it provides the customer a facility to shop online from the top international brands available online, etc. As it is considered as one of the best company in terms of their services so it takes care of all the needs of the users who are enrolled with their system. The company is very happy as they have successfully expanded their partnership agreements with the leading corporations like Google, Vodafone in Europe, Wells Fargo, and Visa in the Asia-Pacific region. One will be able to get further updates through paypal customer support phone number. If interested, stay connected and updated with all the latest news.

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