Thursday, 1 June 2017

Citrix Helps Amazon E-Readers To Easily Access PCs

Citrix System is one of the most famous American multinational software company that provides the user the facilities like server, networking, cloud computing technologies, etc. The company has also released an app for android devices to easily access the internet on kindle fire by connecting it with Mac or PC over a mobile network. The app was named as GoToMyPC. There are great features of the product available and some of them include a 300% zoom, full keyboard functionality, support for multitasking, it also involves keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Tab. One will also get the authority to lock the keyboard of the device and blank the screen on the computer. The new app requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher versions.

Amazon has released an e-reader for the users who love to read. This device is not only used for reading but also for other purposes too. There are many of the users who access the device using this great system but some of the users are present that even don’t know how to use it. To provide those customers brief knowledge kindle help support service is available. Some of the simple ways are also provided below through which you will be able to easily access PCs and Macs without any difficulty.

This GoToMyPC is available free of charge for iOS and Android users. The iOS users can download it from the App Store whereas the Android users can download it from Google Play without paying any fee. Then one needs to subscribe on the app which will costs from $9.95 per month for one user and one computer. It is one of the great system software to use for. The customers find it interesting as they will be able to easily access the devices on their amazon eBook reader. Time to time, company releases different features so that the users will be able to get satisfactory results without any hassle. There are millions of users who are using its services from a long time and they find it interesting so the kindle tech service providers are trying to serve them better.

One can use the software by downloading it on their device for free but one needs to pay while doing the subscription on the app. The app is especially released by the company for the amazon eBook readers as they find it difficult to access their systems. The company has resolved the problems of many users. People who are new to use these services find it difficult to understand them so it is advised to all those users to have a brief knowledge before starting it. The service providers present online educated you over the call and there is no need to go anywhere. Time has gone where one needs to visit the customer services centre every time they face any difficulty. Enjoy surfing, reading, browsing anywhere and at anytime with this great product.

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