Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Crucial WooCommerce Extensions For Small Business Entrepreneurs

WooCommerce is essential as it can work as much as you want it to do. Its capabilities can be expanding by clicking on just few simple clicks. There are large number of extensions that one can use to establish their new store and to take it on to the next level. Some of those extensions are listed below.

Jetpack: Used to see traffic of the site on dashboard

Jet-pack is the extension which has many benefits to use for. It provides backups to theme customization. This extension has great potential for new Woo Commerce store owners to grow up and establish their website online. It shows the growth of your website through which you will be able to see the traffic stats right on your Word press dashboard.

PayPal Express Checkout: Provides a fastest and safest payment experience

The entrepreneurs selling to the international customers must ensure that you are providing them safe and secured payment options. PayPal is the online payment gateway that is trusted by many at present. Customers find it safe as PayPal customer support assistance helps them protecting their account in every way possible. It doesn’t share the details of their customers with anyone and keep it secret.

Instant Search+: Used to send searching shoppers to the exact place

The built-in search on your store is quite strong, but there is a path that will help the entrepreneurs to make it even stronger. It is an extension that uses the power of gathered recommendations to directly entire search queries. It saves your shoppers time by completing their searches, and serves fast viewing of the products and services you sell.

Google Product Feed: It makes your services easier to find by customers

Most of the customers have the habit of searching the details related to the product on search engine like Google when buying any goods and services. Google Product feed is the extension that helps the entrepreneurs in listing their store products in Google shopping result list. Through this, you will be able to generate more sales as when a customer will research on search engine related to the product he or she is interested in buying then the customer will see the listing right from your store. The extension provides you the full control to display the price, image, description, shopping listing, and more. With the help of this, more and more number of customers will be attracted to your store and this will leads to increase in sales.

These great extensions will help you in growing your new business. Whether you use one extension out of all these provided above, you will see your store succeeding. So, establishing a new business will not only a dream but can now become a reality too.
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